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A Duet choreographed in collaboration with Marlie Couto 


Music: original composition and performance by Max Judelson

Duration: 10 minutes​

Link to Full Work

'eventually' premiered at Chop Shop Contemporary Dance Festival in 2018 and since then has been performed at the Austin Dance Festival in 2019, and the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition in June 2018 where it received the 2nd place prize.

'eventually' is based on the curiosity for what could happen when communication moves beyond paying attention and nears mutual instinct.  This duet is fueled by our particular friendship and our shared interest in the rigor of movement research – this duet is an exploration and research of our vigor, tenderness, and detailed physicality.  Together we attempt to examine and organize a sense of care, effort, and levity. 

eventually screen shot 2.png
eventually screenshot 1.png
eventually by Bret Doss.jpg
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